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Save special trees in The Hague

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21 unique lake trees are about to be chopped down to make space for a temporary entrance of Parlement (Tweede Kamer) at the former building of Foreign Affairs. Please sign now, because it could make a difference in the courthouse were an objection procedure has started.



Everyone who wants to save trees in The Hague.



  • that the trees are the only green spot in a concrete jungle and provide cooling, fresh air and relaxating for humans and animals.
  • that the municipality of the Hague is increasingly giving unnecessary fellings to constructionprojects, like this one of the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB).
  • that a objection procedure has been filed by conservationists AVN.
  • that an alternative design for the entrance should be possible.


and request

the municipality of the Hague to:

  • save the 40 year old trees and look for an alternative way to build the entrance.
  • to keep her promise in the ‘Coalitieakkoord (2018-2022)’ to protect and enforce the green character of the city!

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Den Haag 
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Bert Jan Buitenweg