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Deduction of the fees for university students of academic year 2020/21

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We, the students, calling the parliament to deduct the fees every university student paid in the academic year 2020/21 considering the closure of universities across the Netherlands.



The university students who have not been able to attend university in person due to the lockdown.


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It is unreasonable that university students are currently paying the full fees for the university education they have barely received in person. The education has mainly/fully moved online which has significantly reduced the usage of the facilities at universities which students pay for.


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We request the parliament to consider deducting the fees paid for the academic year 2020/21.


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Sylwester Slamowir Pyrkowski 




This petition concerns the academic year 2020/21. In other words students that started university in September 2020. 50% for all.

Most of you already know that the government decided to provide a discount for next year's students (students of the academic year 2021/22). The problem resides with current students not being able to enjoy this discount now.

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Especially considering that some students finish their education this year and are not planning on continuing their education next year. Therefore, this petition calls for the government to deduct fees for university students of this academic year 2020/21.

We feel that we should be able to study at the same price set for next year this year as well. Furthermore, all students should be treated the same; a 1000 euros refund to a 15,000 euros tuition fee for example is not fair- we ALL deserve a 50% refund.