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Computerdevices should be sold without operating system

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To prevent software multinational domination , devices should be sold without operating system in the EU. A buyer should be free to select an operating system, based on arguments like price, functionality, freedom, privacy, performance and stability.



Citizens who are concerned, that software multinationals like Microsoft, Google and Apple use our open market to push their commercial interests at the expense of free competitors



  • In Europe, software multinationals like Google, Microsoft and Apple, furnish computer devices with their own pre-installed operating systems.

  • We can't say anything about aspects as protection of privacy and quality assurance of the operating systems for end-users, as the building blocks of the software are not open.

  • No one is able to review the software.

  • A proscription of pre-installed operating systems, will lead to a real open market.


and request

Based on the freedom of choice for end-users we plea for a total inhibition of pre-installed operating systems.

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