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Academia does not love us back

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Casual Academy & 0.7, supported by WOinActie, demand that the CVB's of the Dutch Universities formulate a concrete plan of action towards a just Academia, before 20th of December.

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Employees of (Dutch) Universities



  • An excessive workload, unpaid overtime, a lack of transparency and democracy, and failing structures of social safety. There is a need for radical improvement.

  • In the latest CAO, employers have committed to address the structural dependence of universities on casual work in local negotiation committees. We are sceptical of this promise. However, we are prepared to give employers a semester to prove us wrong.


and request

That before 20 December the CVB's formulate a concrete plan of action to:

  • End casualization by accompanying structural work with permanent contracts.
  • Create progressive career paths.
  • Provide transparent workload calculations and take concrete steps against structural overtime.
  • Ensure a safe working environment through adequate procedures for reporting misconduct and an independent organ with a mandate to investigate and give advice.

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