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"Where there is a will, there is a way"

The parents of the children attending the pre-school in the premises of the IPSA (International Primary School Almere) can all attest how extraordinary the teachers have been in terms of educating, caring and nurturing our children, but we also understand the financial reasons behind this business decision (less pupils in the waiting list + a high rent), which is why we proposed the current provider, Partou, to consider these alternatives before closing the pre-school:

  1. Starting from September, opening the pre-school with 8 kids per 1 teacher (respecting thus the ratio for this specific age group) with a waiting list for additional applications. The 2nd teacher would be reintroduced once the desired number of students was reached. In September we have 8 children; some want to stay for an extended period of time;

  2. Parent participation: one parent would be present at the location every day in order to assist the teacher whenever needed;

  3. A (more aggressive) marketing campaign: almost nobody knows the pre-school exists. At the Almere Gemeente website, as an example, there is no mention of this pre-school at all. We recommended an open day every quarter, marketed across expat groups and forums, informing everyone about the school and its benefits, in order to boost applications. The first open day could be held in July before the expected end of school. The parents were willing to help advertising not only the pre-school but also the open day;

  4. If feasible, opening a BSO at the location in the afternoons to boost profits and somehow compensate for the pre-school lowest months;

Partou believes these suggestions are good, but the rent is still too high. The parents have tried to get a reaction from the Gemeente, but haven't managed to get one yet. We do not ask for subsidies, but the Gemeente has a say in this matter. We are sure that "where there is a will, there is a way".

There are no bilingual pre-schools or centers where English can be taught to children of these ages, so we will keep on looking into all possibilities to keep this facility open.

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Vereniging Uivermeer staat sterker met steunleden

De organisator van deze petitie, Vereniging Uivermeer, verzet zich tegen het plan van de gemeente Druten om juist op dit natuurgebied een zonnepark toe te staan. De vereniging bestaat uit direct betrokkenen, maar iedereen kan steunlid (sympathisant) worden.

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Meer meer steunleden staat de vereniging sterker.

Steunleden ontvangen (heel af en toe) nieuws, kunnen de vereniging (vrijwillig!) ook financieel steunen maar hebben geen verplichtingen.

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Ontvangen door de Griffie; wacht op besluit commissie

Mijn verzoek aan de Kamercommissie OC&W om deze petitie te ontvangen is bevestigd door de Griffie. De commissie zal besluiten dat wel of niet te doen en zodra ik daarop het antwoord heb kan ik de volgende stap zetten..

Hoe vaak werkt onderwijsvernieuwing?

Artikel Prof. dr.

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Paul Kirschner, hoogleraar Onderwijspsychologie:

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aanbieden petitie aan onderwijsministers, januari 2020

In januari 2020 bieden wij de petitie aan aan onderwijsministers Ingrid van Engelshoven en Arie Slob.

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