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Urge the Aruban government to tackle the environmental crisis on Aruba

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Aruba is in a critical state environmentally. The hotel industry is rapidly destroying precious natural sites and locals are being discriminated against for the sake of tourists. Ecosystems all around Aruba are being destroyed, with the consequence of unique Aruban species going extinct.

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People who believe in the conservation and restoration of Aruban ecosystems and stop building hotels


establish that:

  • tourism is a large industry on Aruba and its main pillar of economic income
  • at the expense of Aruba's nature and locals, the tourism industry has spiraled out of control due to the mismanagement of the Aruban government
  • discrimination against locals is increasing
  • cultural sites are being destroyed
  • ecosystems are annihilated for more hotels
  • Arubans have had enough and are looking for ways to urge the government into action.
  • Aruba cannot sufficiently represent itself in international affairs with regards to environmental needs, and must thus depend on the Dutch government to step in
  • moreover, the Aruban government cannot be trusted to ensure the wellbeing of the locals and nature, we also thus urge the Dutch government to bring changes.


and request

We urge the government to declare Aruba in a state of crisis, so that the Kingdom of the Netherlands can help us tackle this issue.

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