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Tilburg University needs to create more studyspaces

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Almost every working space on the campus of Tilburg University is empty. Despite that these spaces can be filled covid-proof, you're not allowed to sit anywhere and can't make a reservation to study. Tilburg University barely creates workplaces even though they have the space to do so covid-proof.



The students of Tilburg University



  • That Tilburg University (probably out of the fear for a PR-drama) does not use the capacity they have.
  • The students have to pay the same amount of money (because of the buildings and staff) but are not allowed to use them.
  • The buildings are empty and the staff constantly sends students away instead of facilitating covid-proof studyplaces.
  • Now, they only send some webinars and tips to stay mentally well but do not reach out with any practical services.
  • There needs to be a lot more study places, and when a studyplace is empty you need to be able to sit there (since you paid for it).


and request

That Tilburg University has more compassion with students in this period of time and create study places.

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