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Teaching Safely in a Pandemic @ Leiden University

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You can express your support for the initial statement of our group, Teaching Safely in a Pandemic @ Leiden University, which has been forwarded to the University Board on 3 September 2021. The statement may be viewed at the following link:



Active teaching staff at Leiden University


establish that:

In view of concerns about the health and safety of students and staff and in the interest of a campus environment conducive to learning


and request

Invite active teaching staff at Leiden University to indicate support for our 3 September statement (link below), which puts forward concerns, questions, and recommendations regarding the content and roll out of arrangements for in-person teaching at the University in the coming semester and indicates our desire to work with the administration and all students and staff in a constructive manner in the interest of a successful academic year.

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Teaching Safely in a Pandemic Concern Group | Leiden University