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After a budget cut in 2010, the deputies from the provincial government plan a 2nd budget cut of 30%. If the provincial parliament consents in this devastating policy, the library will be stripped to the bone. Collections, opening hours and activities will be severely jeopardized. Please sign!

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We as citizens, members of libraries, students, teachers, health care and cultural organisations.



Reject the proposed budget cut of 1.85 million Euros. The library as the largest cultural and knowledge organisation of Zeeland will not be able anymore to provide for information services and the latest insights on all disciplines towards the public, education institutions and health care organisations in the province of Zeeland. Also collections, opening hours and activities will be severely jeopardized.


and request

And request the deputies from the provincial government to maintain the library as a basic facility and to revise the plans with regard to budget cuts. If not, the fundamentals of our institution, existing since 1859, will be destroyed. What can you do? Support the Zeeland Library and sign this petition so we can show that the provincial government the library has a vital role within the Zeeland society.

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