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Stop the Housing Crisis of International Students in Nijmegen!

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There is a big shortage in housing for students in Nijmegen, especially for international students. This causes distress and homelessness among this group. By signing this petition, you show your solidarity with international students and call upon the municipality and university to take action!



(International) Students



There is a big shortage in housing for students in Nijmegen. Especially International Students have difficulties finding rooms, which causes a lot of distress and even homelessness among this group. People are couch surfing , live in tents, or need to pay very high rents. This insecurity makes it more difficult for them to study and enjoy their life. Housing is a constitutional right and should be available for everyone!


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We demand that in the long term the municipality and the university guarantee sufficient and affordable housing for all students in Nijmegen! In the short term we demand emergency housing for all international students who are currently homeless or forced to live in their home-countries!

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