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Stop amateurs jamming ham radio signal

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On 3.555555 MHz there is a very low power signal used for propagation measurements.

Since more than 3 months DK2SC is deliberately jamming this frequency. He has been asked to go QSY.

With this petition I want to get more support to convince the Bundesnetzagentur in Deutschland to stop this Hartmut.

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Ham radio amateurs



amateurs, who do not want to comply to the operating ethics for ham radio, and who are deliberately jamming ham radio frequencies, should be stopped.


and request

We request the Bundesnetzagentur to stop DK2SC from deliberately jamming and interfering the experiment on 3.555 MHz. Amateurs who do not want to comply to the operating ethics of ham radio should lose their ham radio licence, and no longer be able to jam ham radio frequencies.

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