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Resume issueing long stay visa for family members of non-dutch sponsers

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Many couples and family members who has non-dutch sponsors in the Netherlands have been waiting for several months in order to get an appointment from their local embassy which doesn't consider an exemption for Non-dutch family members. PEOPLE FROM ANY NATIONALITY NEED TO BE WITH THEIR FAMILY.



Couples, patners and families of non-dutch residence of the Netherlands who want to reunite



The "Covid-19 long distance relationship travel exemption ban", allows couples to reunite & by the EU Directive 2004/38/EC, core family members of EU residents/citizens are exempted from the travel ban. -However, Dutch embassies do not issue any appointments for family members who has non-dutch sponsers, living in the Netherlands, to get their MVV visa sticker. -Being with their loved ones is vital for everyone during this tough period


and request

We kindly request that: -Dutch embassies consider our situation and issue us(Family members of non-dutch residents) an appointment to get our MVV visa and reunite our loved ones -Ask for Covid-19 test proof or doing the test on arrival, followd by 14 days mandatory quarantine in order to avoid spreading to virus

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