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Red museum het schip

Red Museum Het Schip

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Amsterdam School Museum Het Schip, the museum of architecture, art and public housing, is threatened in its existence. This unique museum is located in the recently beautifully restored public housing complex Het Schip from 1919, designed by Michel de Klerk.



admirers of the Amsterdam School and interested in the history of social housing



  • that based on performance, planning and budget, the AFK advised a positive sum of €435.000

  • that, due to a lack of funds, only €287,115 could be allocated

  • that, if the basic exploitation of € 435,000 per year is not covered, other funds will no longer be able to support the museum for the realisation of exhibitions and activities and the maintenance of the digital platform Wendingen, the online database of the Amsterdam School.

  • The continuation of the museum is guaranteed by granting the missing amount (€147,885 per year).

  • This beautiful cultural heritage is a visiting card for Amsterdam. The museum serves a broad target audience of national and international visitors and helps carrying out the policy spreading tourism across the city.


and request

the ‘college van burgemeester en wethouders’ (executive board of the municipality) to allocate the entire positively assessed amount to the museum.

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Marcel Westhoff 
Wendingen, platform voor de Amsterdamse School 




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