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New School building for the International Primary School Almere

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A new building which offers a ‘One stop shop’ for international education providing the international facilities and supporting the city and region's prosperity, is only going to be possible with the support of everyone involved in the education of our children and the future of Almere. Please sign!



Parents and supporters of International Primary School of Almere,


establish that:

• In our current location we are a very limited in our room to grow. • The presence of a big International campus and it’s connected community provides the city and the province of Flevoland an international character. • International schools attract international businesses in the region as the international employees can move here with their children.


and request

• Other cities have fully supported the international schools and provided international campuses. There is a proven effect on prosperity and international character to these cities. So therefore we ask the municipality of Almere for their support.

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