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Towards a New Societal Role for the Lutheran Church in Leiden

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The Lutheran Church in Leiden, the Netherlands, is the oldest Protestant Church in the city (1618). With her long-standing history and many art treasures it is a unique monument and a pearl in the historic city of Leiden. Unfortunately, it has recently been bought by an investor who aims to discard its public function. It is our objective to preserve this old church for posterity and to ensure its unique historical and cultural value remains accessible for all to enjoy.



the residents of Leiden, culture-lovers, historians, academics, and passionate bystanders from all over the world



  • That the Lutheran Church is a very important historical building in the city of Leiden
  • That its interior, with its paintings and wood carvings, is unique for the Dutch Protestant Church
  • That its organ dating from the 18th century is unique, and is considered to be one of the best in the Netherlands
  • That this building, having been a place of worship and a sanctuary for many religious migrants worldwide, represents a symbol of tolerance and diversity for the community of the city of Leiden


and request

  • To maintain its unique societal function and keep the Church open to the public, as a unique historical and cultural meeting place in the historic city of Leiden, the Netherlands
  • To preserve its historical heritage as a place of worship and where the story can be heard of the many religious migrants worldwide, for which it has been a sanctuary of religious tolerance

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