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Change the Prins Mauritslaan into an inspiring, green zone

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Tram 16 doesn't come through Prins Mauritslaan (Statenkwartier) anymore. This offers a unique opportunity to transform the central median into a green pedestrian promenade that balances the allure of olden days with sustainable, enviromentally friendly practices for the future. This green connection between the International zone, the 'Fred' and the harbor must be built!



The residents of and visitors to the Statenkwartier


establish that:

  • That the original design of the central median on the Prins Mauritslaan has disappeared.

  • The removal of the tram tracks offers opportunities for the neighborhood to restore and 're-green' this characteristic element.

"The character of the Statenkwartier lies [..] in the urban design of the district with beautiful avenues and squares [..] The original scale and the greenery are of essential importance to its character [explanation indication Rijksprotected cityscape].


and request

Redevelopment of the central median of the entire Prins Mauritslaan into a green zone. It should be an avenue for walking, meeting, playing and connecting, where local residents young and old, visitors from the international zone and to the harbor can all benefit from this green resource! The plan fits in perfectly with the municipality's ambitions to become greener, to promote social cohesion and to enable climate adaptation and more opportunities for exercise.

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Den Haag 
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Lisette Heuschen 
Groene kansen commissie Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier 




1.000 handtekeningen!

In slechts twee weken tijd hebben 1.000 ! mensen hun steun uitgesproken voor dit mooie buurtinitiatief. Een prachtig resultaat en mooi bewijs dat ons plan breed gedragen wordt..