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Recently completed Holiday Inn Express to become emergency Coronavirus Hospital

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The recently completed Holiday Inn Express in Amsterdam Noord, 12 storeys with 438 rooms, now stands empty with bookings suspended. In light of Coronavirus pandemic we propose a public/private consortium takeover of the building led by the Municipality, and recommissioned as an Emergency Hospital.



General public, organisations, groups and other interested parties.



Over the past two years I have witnessed the steady rise of two enormous tower blocks above my neighbourhood in Amsterdam Noord, resulting in the largest Holiday Inn Express in Europe. It now stands dormant with bookings suspended and no fixed OPENING DATE, whilst the Coronavirus pandemic spreads through the country, and their is an urgent need for makeshift HOSPITALS. The Coronavirus pandemic requires creative collaborative solutions.


and request

The municipality should approach InterContinental Hotels Group and begin emergency negotiations with regards a takeover of the building to accommodate a makeshift hospital during the Coronavirus pandemic. The building is already complete but internal works ongoing, this work should be halted immediately, then a joint collaboration between the current building contractors and a municipality led consortium to transform into an Emergency Hospital.

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