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Transition to a more equal and sustainable post-Corona Dutch society

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It is time for drastic and integrated action, and its critical to start planning for a post-COVID-19 world as soon as possible. It is necessary to envision how this current situation could lead to a more sustainable, fair, healthy, and resilient form of development going forward.



citizens who believe it is time for a more sustainable and equal society



  • that over the last few weeks, the weaknesses of this neoliberal growth machine have been painfully exposed.

  • The fact that COVID-19 has already had such a major economic impact is due, amongst other factors, to the globally dominant economic development model.

  • A further weakness of the current system is the link between economic development, the loss of biodiversity and important ecosystem functions, and the opportunity for diseases like COVID-19 to spread among humans.

  • We cannot deny the fact that this crisis hits some people harder than others.

  • And as we acknowledge those hardest hit by this particular crisis in the Netherlands and beyond, we can do justice to them by planning to make sure that a future crisis will be much less severe, cause much less anxiety or may not happen at all.


and request

politicians, policy-makers and the general public to contribute to realizing this transition.

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