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Don’t let Groningen down

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Earthquakes caused by gas extraction, have destroyed a large part of the living environment in the province of Groningen. The process of claiming damages is causing tension between what is righteous and what is lawful. Homes and buildings are unsafe. And victims often feel ‘trapped in an unstable prison’ . - Freek de Jonge



The people living in the Netherlands, and other users of gas coming from Groningen, stand by the victims of Groningen.

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  • That gas extraction in Groningen is leading to a catastrophe

  • That the interdependence of interests of government and industry and supply arrangements mock the safety of the local residents

  • That the manner in which the earthquake damage is determined and settled by the NAM leaves victims feeling powerless and forced to wait endlessly for a resolution

  • That the consequences of future earthquakes are grossly understated by government and directors


and request

  • A speed up plan to reduce gas extraction

  • A ‘general pardon’ for all damage claims currently pending

  • Then reverse burden of proof in an independent claims process

  • A buy-out settlement for everyone wanting to leave the region

  • The separation of gas and state

  • Resume communal discussion

  • Invest gas profits

  • Delta plans making Groningen a leader in economic and energy transition

  • Set up international knowledge center for environment in Groningen

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Piet van Dijken
about 1 month
Bert Visscher
about 1 month
René Paas
Commissaris van de Koning in de provincie Groningen
about 2 months
freek de jonge
about 2 months
Egon Rijpkema
4 minutes
M. Sasker
Grote Appelstraat 31- 9712 VB
5 minutes
7 minutes
18 minutes
G. Timmer
21 minutes
Joop Hoekstra
22 minutes
27 minutes
41 minutes


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Ook kunt u onder 'statistiek' een staafdiagram met de aantallen ondertekenaars per provincie zien en een taartdiagram met hoeveel procent uit welke provincie komt: Groningen, Holland, Drenthe, Friesland, etc. .

2017-03-27 | Petition Don’t let Groningen down

Petitie in het Gronings en in het Engels

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Bedoeld voor alle mensen in het buitenland die Groningen een warm hart toedragen. Vergeet dan ook niet de petitie zo breed mogelijk te delen! Dank!

2017-02-27 | Petition Don’t let Groningen down

Videoclip strijdlied "het het nog nooit zo donker west"

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Heeft u de videoclip van het strijdlied "'het het nog nooit zo donker west" al gezien? Kijk op deze link:

Wij zijn er heel trots op!

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