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Keep the Music Museum in 'De Wildeman'

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Since 2017, the Geelvinck Music Museum is happily located in 'De Wildeman' House, a listed national monument in the historic center of Zutphen, a Hanseatic city in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. Now, the Municipality intends to shut down the Music Museum to make way for a commercial approach. We request the Municipality to keep the Music Museum in 'De Wildeman'.



  • the citizens of Zutphen,
  • supporters of both our living musical heritage and our built heritage
  • sympathizers of the Music Museum  



  • the Geelvinck Music Museum is in danger of losing its venue in 'De Wildeman';
  • the Music Museum is a national center for our living musical heritage and holds an irreplaceable collection of historic pianos from the late 18th and early 19th centuries built in the Netherlands and abroad;
  • the museum attracts a growing number of visitors, musicians, students and experts nationwide and from all over the world;
  • the Music Museum in 'De Wildeman' represents a significantly higher value for the Municipality of Zutphen than the potential commercial revenues, which the property otherwise might generate.  


and request

the Municipality of Zutphen to respect the cultural value of the Geelvinck Music Museum and to find a mutually acceptable solution for securing its continuation in 'De Wildeman'. 

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Annelies Rhebergen en Maaike van 't Oever 
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