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Keep tram 19 on the rails

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Maintain a good public transport connection between Sloterdijk and Diemen. Scrapping tram lines and extended journey times are unacceptable for the many travellers who depend on this lifeline in Amsterdam.



using tram 19 in Amsterdam



  • GVB wants to lift tram line 19
  • the tram line is vital for thousands of people who use it daily to travel to work, school and other key destinations in the city centre.
  • Diemen residents were promised a good connection to the city centre, this promise is now gone.
  • Fortunately, the plans are not yet final and we can put this down to a party in Amsterdam municipality!
  • Maintaining this vital link is of great importance to thousands of people in the city and contributes to a sustainable and accessible city.


and request

  • the GVB and the City of Amsterdam to reconsider plans to cancel tram line 19 and look at alternatives such as reducing frequency.
  • involvement of all stakeholders in making the final decision.

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