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Include Swimming for medical reasons as Mobility Aid

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'Mobiliteitsoplossingen' is part of the WMO but this does not apply for swimming lanes given as medical advice (physiotherapist). The frequency necessary for the patient requires him to swim bi-daily which means an annual subscription unable to afford and therefore unable to resolve upper-back problem that caused him to be immobile.



Patients with mobility issues requiring swimming to be reimbursable on prescription from the physiotherapist.



The mobility aid act of the Municipality Arnhem does not include swimming lanes as a reimbursable solution for patients that have been instructed by their physiotherapist as a means to get better and stay better.


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Swimming (lanes) for a medical reason should be added under the mobility aid policy of the WMO to allow people who are advised by Physiotherapist or medical practitioners to swim, to get aid for these physical challenges.

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