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Electric cars in their own 130 km/h fastlane

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An electric car is a clean and economic alternative to gas-fueled cars. In a bid to tackle the nitrogen oxide pollution crisis, the Dutch government will cut the daytime speed limit to 100km/h. This measure punishes all drivers equally, whilst electric cars don't directly produce carbon emissions.



People who drive electric cars or support the green energy transition.



  • It’s unfair to punish drivers who are not contributing to the nitrogen oxide pollution crisis.
  • A separate lane at designated locations is possible and already being applied in Austria.
  • Sustainability is often confused with austerity (guilt, reduction, penalty).
  • The transition to sustainable mobility takes place step by step; electric driving is a positive stride forward that needs to be encouraged.


and request

  • A separate lane for electric cars where 130 km/h is allowed.
  • That the government takes an active stance by rewarding sustainable actions.

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