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Don’t close the Waal beaches in Nijmegen!

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The Waal beaches have been closed between 22.30h and 6.00h due to nuisance, but being able to go to these beaches is very important for many, especially in corona times during which meeting outside is the safest way to meet. This restriction forces people to meet inside or go back into isolation.



Everyone who sees the importance of the Waal beaches and does not agree with closing them.



Closing the beaches is not a good solution since it will only relocate the nuisance and it might harm people’s mental health. The beaches form a safe location to meet since it is outside with a good flow of air and aerosols and people can keep distance. By closing them, people caring less about corona will just meet inside, while those who do are forced back into isolation. Less restrictive measures can be considered to meet everyone's wishes.


and request

We ask you to revise the decision to completely close the Waal beaches and potentially communicate with both the people living around this area and the people that come to the beaches. Other possible solutions could also lead to less nuisance, but still preserve (a part of) the beaches for those who could really need them now. Options are to only close some beaches making it easier to maintain order, and to place trash containers in that area.

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