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NJON is part of the cultural infrastructure

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The continuity of the National Youth Orchestras of the Netherlands(NJON) is endangered by the negative advice given by the Council for Culture concerning subsidies for the cultural Basic Infrastructure. This advice contains unjust arguments, upon which you can disagree in this petition.



Music lovers baring concern for the National Youth Orchestras of the Netherlands



•The negative advice by the Council for Culture concerning funding for NJON contains false arguments.

•The educational function of NJON has been of inquestionable value to the talent development of many individual misicians

•Playing in NJON by definition is a process of intense participation, which isn’t recognised by the Council for Culture.

•NJON deliveres a huge contribution to the high level of Dutch musicianship.


and request

Request the minister of Education, Culture and Science to rate the funding application of NJON 2021-2024 positively.

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Hugo Pieters en Tjeerd Broerse 




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