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Contract extensions for PhD students and Postdocs

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PhDs and Postdocs in the Netherlands are facing critical issues, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities and research institutes have suspended their main activities impacting severely the ability of PhDs and Postdocs to conduct their research. Contract extensions would solve these issues!



PhD students, Postdocs, Professors, University staff, Alumni, Relatives



  • Many PhDs and Postdocs
  • are physically prevented from working, since universities and institutes are mostly closed
  • experience more workload, since they support universities in off-campus teaching by setting-up online courses
  • see their physical and mental health severely affected which prevents focus on research
  • do not have a suitable home office
  • spend more time on practical concerns as e.g. managing childcare in case they are parents


and request

  • Guarantee funding extension for PhD and Postdoc contracts in the Netherlands, for as long as the COVID-19 measures and closures of universities and research institutes continue
  • Encourage all Dutch universities to take a similar approach, ideally coordinating with them to ensure that no student is unfairly disadvantaged by this crisis

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