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Change the conditions for an exchange in semester 2 in 2021/2022

We demand that the current conditions (as presented in the e-mail from 6-12-2021) will be adjusted in order to allow students to make their own decision on whether they go on exchange in semester 2 or not.



Students of the University of Amsterdam that want to go on an exchange in semester 2, 2021-2022



The current conditions are too strict and therefore need to be adjusted for several reasons:

  1. The colors of countries are everly changing; too fluctual to fully rely on.
  2. The conditions for students going on exchange in semester 2 are different from the ones in semester 1; they are more strict and unfair now.
  3. This decision with new conditions comes too late. Many of us already invested money and time.


and request

  • to reconsider the current conditions.

  • We would like to make the decision whether we can go on exchange or not ourselves.

  • Furthermore the Repatriation during the exchange is not as easy as UvA makes it seem as students are not always able to do this.

  • Lastly, these conditions are strict and not realistic in this day and age where we live in a pandemic and will be living in a pandemic. Please do not take away our chance to go on exchange.

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