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Bring back life on the WUR campus with a biological tree

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The city of 'life' sciences should have a signature statue that represents life. Currently, a dead tree stands in front of the Forum building. As Forum is the heart of our green campus, it should be accompanied by a worthy symbol that reflects life, sustainability and promising futures.



Students and staff of Wageningen University and Research


establish that:

  • the tree in front of the Forum building does not reflect the core values that the WUR embraces
  • it is made of inorganic aluminium and concrete. In the city of life sciences, life should be represented.
  • as the Forum building is considered the heart of the campus, it is no suitable place for the inorganic tree.
  • Moreover, the Wageningen campus lacks a living signature tree that can serve as a unifying symbol for all.


and request

To replace the inorganic tree that is currently in front of the Forum building by a living tree that resembles the core values of the Wageningen University and Research.

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