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Attention to the residents of St. Eustatius

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The Dutch Government on Statia promised on October 10, 2010 a gradual and smooth transition to new rules and laws. In addition, there would be new and better facilities. So far, the Dutch Government has not honoured its promises sufficiently. The residents and administrators worry about the future.



Residents and administrators of Statia



that the local conditions and Statia’s culture are not sufficiently taken into account. that the cost of living and the Winair ticket prices have increased dramatically that the health care system is still not functioning well at a basic level. that Bonaire was given the role of "distribution station" for the three BES Islands and it is unclear how the funds of the Dutch Government are distributed.


and request

Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands to request Her Majesty’s Government to pay attention to the problems in St. Eustatius and to ask Her Majesty’s Government to promptly take action to fulfill the promises made.

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