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Adequate and safe school campus for the International School Utrecht

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The current campus of ISUtrecht is a temporary solution (for 5 years already) and due to growth it is way below other International IB Schools in NL and also below Dutch standards. A feasible solution has not been offered so far. Please help us to finally get in front of the city council to fix that



Concerned parents of students at the International School (living in Utrecht).


establish that:

  • ISUtrecht is a strong factor to attract international families to settle in Utrecht with the requirement of solid education in a (public) international school as conventional in many countries and the Netherlands.

  • For 5 years ISUtrecht is not receiving an adequate temporary campus before moving into a permanent campus that is being postponed on a yearly basis (now Q3 2025).

  • ISUtrecht keeps growing despite completely inadequate housing.


and request

  • A solid solution for the temporary housing problems, based on the IB principle of ‘One school, one campus’, instead of inadequate office buildings that need serious adaptation.

  • The space to conform to the DIS/IB norms, which are similar to VMBO schools, or other practice-oriented schools.

  • A perspective and a definitive roadmap/timeline for the temporary and permanent campus.

We've tried all official channels with no success, please help!

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