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A dedicated cricket ground(s) accessible to all cricketing groups in Almere

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Cricket is a beloved sport in the Netherlands, uniting people of diverse backgrounds. We seek a dedicated cricket ground(s) in Almere, fostering community and serving local enthusiasts. Your support will make it happen.



Almere Cricket Club, Quivive Cricket Club Almere, Dosti Cricket Club Almere & Groups ≤ 50 members


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Despite our country's frequent World Cup appearances, it's surprising that a vibrant and multi-cultural Almere lacks a professional cricket ground. The residents of Almere eagerly await for such a facility that can enhance the sport, promote health, cultural exchange, economic growth, social integration, and community unity.


and request

We urge local authorities and key stakeholders to recognize the pressing need for a dedicated cricket ground in Almere. This initiative will benefit the cricket community, nurture local talent, and support local businesses.

The current FBK Sportpark Almere ground, though suitable for under 11 kids games, falls short in meeting the requirements of youth & adult cricket. Hence, a new ground(s) is urgently needed.

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