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We demand immediate protection against eviction

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The solutions to the collective problems we experience cost nothing, and this has been shown for years already. Yet governments continue with old patterns and let people be evicted, while there is no need for this at all. We don't accept this. We demand immediate protection against eviction.

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We, people who choose to live together in peace,


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Ascertain that solving the collective problems that we are facing, costs nothing. This you can find on smoothparadigmshift.net . This is very easy to do and costs nothing. But still people are evicted, and so much other hurt is still put upon people by all the governments. So many people suffer from the refusal of all governments to start the transition that costs nothing, and by which all taxes vanish by themselves.


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And requests That all governments immediately pronounce in the media that every person is protected against eviction and the cutting of of gas and so on. This will remain as long as governments need to start the transition, which costs nothing. If the governments don’t do this, then we request the police to take responsibility and express this protection. The old does not work anymore, but the new is denied. Who are the victims of this?

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