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Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word

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This new order is to be named after the title and main character of the epos by the German medieval poet/knight Wolfram von Eschenbach about the founder of the House Of Orange in the South of France, who as protector of Celtic Christianity was canonised in 1066 as patron saint of Christian knights.



seek a spiritual renewal of christian knighthood to uphold and defend a new and true Christianity.


establish that:

This new Christianity was characterised by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) as the source of inspiration in the spiritual world of his anthroposophy or science of the Grail with its mission to reunite art, science and religion. As a vehicle thereto he and his followers in 1923/24 refounded the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland as a world-wide union of people dedicated to furthering the soul life of the individual and of mankind as a whole.


and request

King William-Alexander of The Netherlands, Grand master of the Military Willems-Order named after Willehalm, and the only one constitutionally privileged to do so, to install an new Civil Order of Knights of the Word (m/f) with its mission to uphold and defend the New Christianity by embodying in a new fashion the knightly virtues of courage, righteousness and loyalty as well as the vows of obedience, chastity and poverty of the monks.

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