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Send 90,000 rest-vaccines now to Namibia, stop destroying life saving vaccine

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Immunization in Africa is going painfully slow. Lack of vaccines. There are 90,000 Astra Zeneca residual vaccines neatly stored cooled at the GGDs. These vaccines can thus be included in an ongoing campaign in Namibia. Hugo de Jonge has them destroyed without medical reasons.



refuse to accept this historical crime against humanity, we want to stop senselessly dying.



  • The on-going vaccine destruction is a historic crime against humanity.
  • National legislation and regulations should be subordinate to international treaties, the most important of which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • With no sound medical justification, the destruction of safely stored vaccines is a crime that is indefensible in the spirit of the law,


and request

The signatories ask the Governments of our International Community to apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and immediately make safely refrigerated vaccines available to the currently ongoing vaccination campaigns in Africa.

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Petitie gaat compleet viraal, nu ook in het "Hart van Nederland"

Vanwege de grote belangstelling in het buitenland komt er ook een Engelstalige versie van de petitie. Het is geen Nederlands probleem, Nederland zou een gidsland moeten zijn met onze zuinigheid en zou met Namibië een voorbeeld kunnen stellen.

+

Er worden momenteel miljoenen vaccins vernietigd.


De petitie wordt door media onder de aandacht gebracht.

Het aantal ondertekenaars per uur is sterk toegenomen na een publicatie in het Leids Dagblad en de digitale Telegraaf, heel veel huisartsen hebben getekend. Veel betrokken partijen komen aan het woord, ik hoop dat ook dit artikel de tweede kamer aan het denken en handelen zet. .


Ministerie Gezondheidszorg Namibië dankt Nederlandse Regering voor eerste donatie Vaccins

Ministry of Health and Social Services-Namibia 11tn August · By Maria Kandjungu The United Kingdom of Netherlands, on Wednesday, officially handed over the
75 000 doses of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine donated to Namibia. The doses arrived in Namibia on Sunday and have already been dispatched to regions and vaccination sites across the country to assist in administering pending 2nd doses to over 68 000 people.

+

All members of the public due for the second dose of AZ are therefore advised to go to the nearest vaccination centre and get their jabs. MoHSS Deputy Minister Esther Utjiua Muinjangue thanked the Netherlands government for the donations noting that vaccination is a critical weapon to not only save lives but to also control the pandemic and reviving the economy and livelihood. “We look forward to continued engagement with EU member states to secure additional doses of vaccines, particularly to ensure that all persons at increased risk COVID-19 infection, severe diseases, hospitalization, and death are fully vaccinated.” In his remarks, Non-resident Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Han Peters, said no one is safe from the pandemic until everyone is safe and only by working together, across frontiers, will the world be able to beat the virus.