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Send 90,000 rest-vaccines now to Namibia, stop destroying life saving vaccine

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Immunization in Africa is going painfully slow. Lack of vaccines. There are 90,000 Astra Zeneca residual vaccines neatly stored cooled at the GGDs. These vaccines can thus be included in an ongoing campaign in Namibia. Hugo de Jonge has them destroyed without medical reasons.



refuse to accept this historical crime against humanity, we want to stop senselessly dying.



  • The on-going vaccine destruction is a historic crime against humanity.
  • National legislation and regulations should be subordinate to international treaties, the most important of which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • With no sound medical justification, the destruction of safely stored vaccines is a crime that is indefensible in the spirit of the law,


and request

The signatories ask the Governments of our International Community to apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and immediately make safely refrigerated vaccines available to the currently ongoing vaccination campaigns in Africa.

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Trage COVAX procedure oorzaak vernietiging honderdduizenden vaccins

AFRICA NEEDS more covid-19 vaccines. The continent depends on jabs from abroad, but has received just 103m doses for a population of almost 1.4bn.

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There is another obstacle to the rollout, however: not all the doses are being used. In April the Democratic Republic of Congo returned 1.3m shots donated by COVAX, the global jab-sharing scheme. In May Malawi burned nearly 20,000 doses. At least seven other African countries have destroyed some 450,000 doses in all. When just 3.8% of sub-Saharan Africans aged 12 or over have received their first dose of covid-19 vaccine, compared with over 50% worldwide, why are vaccines going to waste?

Many of the jabs destroyed or returned have been out-of-date or due to expire before they could be administered. In Congo's case, the country struggled to restart its vaccine drive quickly enough after pausing it because of concerns over blood clotting. But bad donations are part of the problem, too. Most covid-19 vaccines have a relatively short shelf-life compared with other jabs: their novelty makes it difficult to estimate how long they will remain effective. The AstraZeneca shot is viable for just six months—and early donations to Africa often arrived with little time left. A batch of 191,000 AstraZeneca vaccines rejected by South Africa and reallocated to South Sudan in March arrived there just two weeks before their expiry date; 59,000 were destroyed as a result.


Amerikaanse Apotheker krijgt 3 jaar gevangenisstraf voor vernietigen vaccin, Nederlandse huisartsen moeten het doen van de regering.

June 8, 2021, 6:07 PM CEST / Updated June 8, 2021, 9:47 PM CEST By David K. Li A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced the Wisconsin pharmacist, who destroyed 500 Covid-19 vaccine doses "during a national public health emergency" to three years in prison.

Back in January, Steven Brandenburg agreed to plead guilty to two counts of attempting to tamper with consumer products with reckless disregard.

Theoretically, he could have faced a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for each count.

+

But under federal sentencing guidelines, Brandenburg was looking at up to 51 months behind bars.

After completing his 36-month sentence, Brandenburg will face another three years of supervised release. He was also ordered to pay $83,000 in restitution.

“The purposeful attempt to spoil vaccine doses during a national public health emergency is a serious crime,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton said in a statement. “The Department of Justice will continue working with its law enforcement partners to safeguard these life-saving vaccine."

Brandenburg was fired from the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisconsin, in December after the hospital said he admitted he "intentionally removed the vaccine from refrigeration.”

Brandenburg told the court on Tuesday that he was "desperately sorry and ashamed" about what he did, NBC affiliate WTMJ reported.

"I just want to finish by saying I am greatly ashamed and I thank you, your honor, for allowing me to say that," he said.


WORLD Afghan baby born on flight as her mom fled is named for U.S. evacuation plane

U.S. NEWS Death sentence upheld for man who killed 9 in South Carolina church shooting And U.S. District Court Judge Brett Ludwig appeared to accept the apology.

"I think your statements were sincere," Ludwig said. "I wish you luck in serving that sentence and moving forward with your life."

Brandenburg intentionally removed doses of the Moderna vaccine from its refrigeration during two successive overnight shifts in December, prosecutors said, possibly rendering them ineffective because the vaccine vials must be stored at specific temperatures. Brandenburg then returned the vaccines to the refrigerator after knowing that they had been left out, leading to 57 people being injected with the potentially spoiled inoculations, according to the Department of Justice. Grafton police said Brandenburg is an "admitted conspiracy theorist" who "told investigators that he believed that Covid-19 vaccine was not safe for people and could harm them and change their DNA."

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board suspended Brandenburg’s license earlier this year, which prohibits him from practicing at state pharmacies.

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Dagblad Trouw waarschuwde op 20 juli voor vernietiging tienduizenden vaccins

De tienduizenden AstraZeneca-vaccins die bij huisartsen in de koelkasten liggen, verdwijnen hoogstwaarschijnlijk in de prullenbak. In Nederland is geen vraag meer naar het vaccin, maar de prikken naar het buitenland vervoeren is verboden. Tienduizenden tot honderdduizend AstraZeneca-vaccins dreigen ongebruikt te worden vernietigd.

+

Het gaat om vaccins die na een tegenvallende AstraZeneca-campagne zijn overgebleven bij huisartsen. Binnen Nederland is geen bestemming meer voor deze vaccins. Ze naar het buitenland transporteren mag niet, bevestigt een woordvoerder van de Inspectie Gezondheid en Jeugd (IGJ).

De IGJ kan de kwaliteit van de vaccins niet langer waarborgen zodra die bij de huisarts arriveren. “Aan een prik zitten hoge eisen, als het gaat om koeling, vervoer en houdbaarheid”, zegt de woordvoerder. Geneesmiddelen die al bij artsen zijn afgeleverd voor hun patiënten mogen daarom niet verhandeld worden. “Ook niet wanneer dit gratis is, en voor een goed doel.” Het ministerie van VWS erkent ook dat ‘een deel’ van de vaccins hoogstwaarschijnlijk vernietigd zal worden.

Erg pijnlijk, vindt huisarts Dennis Mook-Kanamori. Hij zit met bijna 10.000 overgebleven vaccins, vanwege een gezamenlijke prikactie met 150 huisartsen in de regio Leiden. De vaccins zijn bewaard volgens de voorschriften van het RIVM, benadrukt hij. “We hebben de koelkasten gekoppeld aan een alarmeringssysteem, zodat je per minuut de juiste temperatuur kunt lezen. Het overgrote deel van de vaccins zit nog in een geseald doosje. En toch moeten ze de prullenbak in.”