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Offer a creative space for women and cultural empowerment in Amsterdam

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Empower women in theatre! THEREDBOX Projects search to obtain a creative space for women and cultural empowerment in Amsterdam. Sign this petition to endorse Carmen Toledo's initiative, uniting artists from diverse backgrounds in community. Your voice matters! Please, join us in making it happen!



Artists, allies, culture enthusiasts: everyone championing creative spaces and artists' work.


establish that:

  • the lack of spaces for women in the performing arts limits our ability to grow as artists and positively impact the community.
  • according to the International Theatre Council (ITC), only 33% of the creative people behind theatre are women.
  • this figure highlights the urgent need not only to promote more opportunities for women in the cultural sector, but also to provide the necessary resources, such as a venue.
  • a space is needed not only for rehearsing and performing theatrical plays but also as a hub that sparks community involvement through art, workshops, literature, recreation, diversity initiatives, to foster the growth of professional artists and new talents; a creative haven in its broadest and most inclusive sense.


and request

an accessible space in Amsterdam to sustain our endeavors in advancing women's empowerment across history.

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Carmen Toledo 
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Do you think we can still reach 300 signatures?

There are two weeks left until the closing of our Petition before Gemeente and we have 294 signatures of support. Do you think we can still reach 300? Thank you for believing in THEREDBOX Projects and those of us who make them up!.



A big thank you to all the artists, art lovers, fans, friends and colleagues who have signed our petition so far. If you have not yet done so, please hurry as we are still 28 signatures from Amsterdam residents short of the 200 we need to get the Gemeente to listen to us.

If you are among those who have already signed, we also ask you to make an extra effort to spread our petition among friends, colleagues and neighbours who can support us.

Thank you for your support!

We hope to see you soon in our next project.

Warm regards!
Carmen Toledo


Can you support us to get the last 41 amsterdammers signatures?

Dear All, The final countdown starts to reach the 41 signatures from amsterdammers so our petition can be heard by Gemeente Amsterdam. Reaching a new space for our fourth theatre project in Amsterdam will be challenging this year. Despite personal struggles, we're determined to overcome the hurdles of finding actors, subsidies and ensuring a successful premiere.

+

We won't give up, but we need your strength. Beyond the new project, after three original plays and six participating actresses, we're ready to build a space in Amsterdam. It's about more than premiering plays; it's about creating a diverse hub for different arts, fostering professional growth and providing opportunities for new talent. It's about creating our own space, as artists, as women, as residents. To paraphrase some words of Virginia Woolf: "If we have five hundred a year and a room of our own; if we have the habit of freedom and the courage to write exactly what we think, then opportunity will come!" That's why we are initiating a petition to the Gemeente for an accessible space for THE RED BOX. Would you be so kind as to consider supporting our cause by signing our petition to the Gemeente to get a space for our cultural projects? We need to collect 200 signatures from "Amsterdammers" so that the Gemeente listens to us, this is the final countdown to collect them, and we only need 41 more!, regardless of the signatures people living in other cities or countries may give us, that's also very important. Your support means the world to us! Your signature is crucial, and/or spreading the word to your friends and family would also be a big help. Please, after clicking "sign" with your name and surname, immediately check your email for the confirmation link to validate your signature. Without this step, your support will not be recorded. You can see your support by verifying your name (or "anonymous" if you checked this box) in the list of signatories at the bottom of the post. We sincerely appreciate your support! A cordial greeting. Carmen