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ME is not MUPS: Change Dutch Health Council Committee and adhere to the advisory report assignment

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Among ME patients there is no public support for a Dutch Health Council Committee with members denying ME as a chronic, complex, multisystem disease (ICD G93.3) or equating it to “MUPS”, (Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms), a functional syndrome, a somatoform disorder (ICD F45), neurasthenia (ICD F48) or unexplained fatigue (ICD R53).



Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) patients and all those who recognize the severity and nature of this biomedical disease



That the Dutch Health Council Committee composition is incompatible with the state of the scientific knowledge, of which the Dutch Health Council is aware (WHO recognition ME 1969, ICD G93.3, the Institute of Medicine refers to a chronic, complex, multisystem disease with symptoms that can be explained by objectifiable physical abnormalities as described in thousands of scientific publications),

  • nor does it fit the advisory report assignment given by Parliament (an advisory report about ME),

  • ME is not MUPS! The Dutch Health Council should select the best available expertise, relevant to this disease, but fails to do so


and request

To adjust the composition of the Dutch Health Council Committee. Input of patients should be taken as the guiding principle. After all, the Citizen’s Initiative “Recognize ME” was the direct reason for the advisory report assignment. They together with the patient organizations have submitted, at the request of the Dutch Health Council, names of (international) ME experts, who are willing to participate (none of them from the MUPS/Mental Health Care field!). The fact that the Dutch Health Council nonetheless prefers irrelevant MUPS and Mental Health Care professionals, that were not suggested to them, over international ME expertise, is unacceptable. The Dutch Health Council must adhere to its advisory report assignment!

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Overhandiging petitie aan de Gezondheidsraad op

Op 18 september 2017 is de petitie "ME is geen SOLK" overhandigd aan de Gezondheidsraad op het Ministerie van VWS Den Haag. Tijdens een gesprek van 15.40-16.10 uur met onder andere prof. Pim van Gool, de voorzitter Gezondheidsraad.

Lees een verslag op M.E. Centraal


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Inmiddels gaan we met de petitie al hard naar de 600 handtekeningen! Dank iedereen die tekende en blijf ook vooral mensen in je omgeving vragen om het zelfde te doen door de link naar deze petitie te delen., een informatiesite voor ME patiënten uit Nederland en België publiceerde gisteren een goed achtergrondartikel over de petitie "ME is geen SOLK"..