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Open de musea en de presentatie-instellingen

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We do not want museums and artistic institutions - once the treasuries of the mind - to turn into burial chambers for art that cannot be seen by anyone. The doors have to be opened again so that every art enthusiast, every maker, every professional can again immerse him- or herself in art.



We, artists, art professionals and art enthusiasts



  • That the even longer closure will irreparably damage the art-sector. - The closure of exhibition spaces means destruction of resources, both in a material and immaterial sense.
  • Artists are losing their market, art professionals are losing their work, the art public (young and old) is losing sight of a different perspective.
  • Through time slots, regulating visitor flows and ventilating the halls, museums can open safely according to the rules of the RIVM (National Institute for Health and Environment).


and request

That museums and institutes can reopen their doors to the public as soon as possible. This allows artists and art professionals to finally do their work again and art to be seen by everyone. This way, art can once again become an essential part of our society.

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